Stament of G M Lone before Specail Court in Ganga Case!

(Note: G.M. Lone was made an accused in Ganga hijacking case. What I have given above are only the excerpts of his statement given in connection with the struggle for freedom which we conducted at great peril. Today there are many people claiming to be the carrying the cross of Kashmir freedom. I don’t contest that but I must say that it was people like G.M. Lone and others who were the pioneers of freedom struggle. I just want to tell my readers what untold and unbelievable suffering we the pioneers of the struggle had to undergo to infuse life and perpetuity to the struggle. I shall put G.M. Lone’s full statement on Face book in two parts. It is important because it exposes the entire conspiracy of Pakistani establishment hatched by the Pakistani military regime against the struggle for independence. Five out of six accused of Ganga hijacking have left this transient world and I am the lone survivor. Before I too follow them to the other world, I want to reveal to my nation the truth that has remained hidden from the sight of the people till date. Perhaps God gave me life to the present era so that through social media this message reaches my nation. While writing my biography, I feel as if I am again practically passing through the stark period of torture and tyranny. You can imagine the pain that visits me as recount those most horrific events. Hashim Qureshi)kh
G.M. Lone’s statement
The regime of Yayhya Khan has brought baseless and absurd charges against me and my colleagues. The ins and outs of this dirty game are getting exposed gradually. Lust for power, treachery and oppression let lose by Yahya Khan and his military junta are coming to light one after another. On 28th of April 1971, the regime came down with a heavy hand on NLF and Plebiscite Front activists. Their arrest and searches began on nation-wide scale. However, nothing incriminating was found against us, and with that Pakistani authorities were left with nothing but to frame us and charge us with various allegations that suited them.
I was arrested in Karachi and taken to CIA office. Besides me, others who were arrested included Mir Abdul Qayum, Mir Abdul Manan, Mir Hidyatullah, Khwajah Muhammad Siddiq Baba, Khwajah Ghulam Mohiud Din Banka, Muhammad Maqbul Nayak and Khwajah Muhammad Yusuf Qureshi and others. (Note: Yusuf Qureshi of my father’s age was a cousin brother of mine and a well to do trader). I was produced before Mr. Athar the DIG. I told him that if under international compulsion, it was necessary to defame India and find legitimacy for the arrest of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, this could have been done in a manner that the cause of Kashmir and Pakistan’s interests in Kashmir would not get hurt. I gave full assurance for this from my own self and from my group. In stead of seeing the rationale in what I said, my jailors kicked me and began my physical torture. I told Agha Afzal, the Chief Secretary of Punjab, that if they wanted to send back the Indian plane, he could tell Maqbul Bhat to issue a statement. To this SP Sultan told me not to mention the name of a big officer
One day I was brought before Athar who asked me how long is it that I had become a Qadiani. I said I am not a Qadiani as is alleged by some puritans . In return he hurled abuses on my spiritual guide. He did so because in his eyes my spiritual guide being a Kashmiri was a traitor and a corrupt person. Athar told me that on the basis of his relations with Khwaja Ghulam Nabi Gilkar, he had come to believe that I was a Qadiani. I told him that Ghulam Nabi Gilkar was a senior nationalist leader of Kashmir who had worked shoulder to shoulder with Sheri Kashmir and Chowdhury Ghulam Abbas. His honest and patriotism was recognized even by his opponents. He occupies a very special place in the history of Kashmir. He was the first President of Azad Kashmir government that came about on October 4, 1947. He had laid foundation of a parallel government against Maharaja in Muzaffarabad and was knon by the name of President Anwar. In reply to this Athar said as this: “ We arrested Ghulam Nabi Gilkar and then tortured him to death so that the microbes of independent Kashmir are eradicated from Pakistan. You must know that martial law has been imposed here and whatever the government wants to do it will do.” Later on I found that Athar had concocted this story for intimidating me. Gilkar was living his retired life comfortably. I told Athar that if a Qadiani interacted with a political group that did not mean that the group adhered to Qadiani ideology. Even the regime of Yahya can also be labeled as Qadiani because M.M. Ahmad happened to be an important person in General Yahya’s regime. This enraged Athar and he became violent and started kicking and boxing me violently.
I was asked who my ideal in political philosophy was. I said Hasrat Mohani. He is my ideal. On this, DSP Waheed said, oh I understand you are a communist and an anarchist. With that he began assaulting me physically. The torture done to me in Karachi CIA appeared to me of extreme nature but after going through the brutalities perpetrated on me by the blood thirsty tyrants of the Qila, I will say that my tormentors in CIA were angels. After detaining me for fifteen or sixteen days in CIA Karachi, I was brought in Class III of Pakistan Express to Lahore. My handcuffs were tied to the bench on which I sat. I had one rupee left in my pocket. That was also snatched from me during search. Not even a drop of water was given to me for the entire journey from Karachi to Lahore. I went to the latrine and quenched my thirst under its water tap. (Note: G.M. Lone was a big manufacturer of carpets with show rooms in many European countries besides in Pakistan. He was an affluent person with huge business establishment. He paid all the fees of the defence counsels after the case was closed. He was a saintly and sincere person and was much attracted by Sufism. eHe He was deeply attached to the freedom of Kashmir and a rabid supporter of freedom movement.)Continuing his statement, Lone said that “after arriving in Shahi Qila,. I was confined to a cell. With handcuffs on, my arms were lifted and tied upwards so much so that my feet could hardly touch the floor. A thick stick wrapped in cycle tube was put across my shoulders and I was asked to count. But instead of counting numbers I took the name of Allah and his Prophet. After a while two persons appeared there. One was DSP Mukhtiyar and the other was the brute of a man named Taj, the Line officer. I was reciting durood at that time. This Line Officer rebuked the policeman and called me names why I was not counting numbers. He asked me whether I was singing in Kashmiri or calling us names. I said in subdued voice that it is the prayer recited by Khwaja Mohiu’d-Din Chishti at Data Durbar. Qamar Alam SP ordered that I be stripped of clothing. They took off my clothes though in the struggle my shirt was torn and I was made naked. Asking me to sand up in that nudity and then asked SP Mukhtiyar to read out in loud voice my statement. Qamar Alam was making running commentary and intermittently went on spitting at my naked body. He said that they had head this narration (about the reciting of the prayer) many times but asked me to say something new which would suite them. He ordered his men to tear that statement into pieces and deposit it in my mouth. They did the same.10306262_608890045910134_5719422388863314351_n
Qamar Alam ordered his goons numbering about ten or twelve and nicknamed as “Guerilla” to undertake operation. They pounced on me. One of them had something of the shape of a table tennis racket made of leather which they called chhatar. Other person had a long piece of tyre in his hand, and some one had a baton wrapped in cycle tube. One who had no instrument in his hand, caught hold of my head and pulled my hair on my head or chest and felt happy in doing so. I was tied to a charpoy in a manner that my wide-opened legs fell on both sides of the charpoy and my both of my feet were tied tight with my shirt. I was made to sit on the charpoy and asked to lie down with my back on charpoy. The wooden rod tied to my shoulders was removed and the ropes of the charpoy were gradually loosened. My hands were pulled backwards and tied together. It was so painful that I cried in desperation. They lit a candlestick and drdopped melted wax on sensitive spots of my naked body. Electric wire was tied to my private part, mouth and ears and electric shocks were given by turning a handle. This process would continue as long as I was in senses.
Next morning, when this process was resumed, Muhammad Khan, the Insp;ector, the most tyrannical, told me to do what the officer was telling and save yourself. I replied that I had told all the truth I knew and had nothing new to add. Muhammad Khan sat on my breast and brought his penis close to my mouth and said he was going to piss in my mouth. Owing to hot climate and torture, I often felt very thirsty. If I asked for water to drink, they kept a glass of water on the shelf in the wall and was asked to pick it up and drink. When I moved to pick the glass, a policemen moved forward and hit me with chhattar. If I moved to other side, another policeman would hit me again. In that state of nudity, I would recite rabi ini maghluba antasur Qamar Alam asked me what I was reciting in Kashmiri. When the words Ya Rasul Allah came out of my mouth., these butchers would say that I had committed a sin by taking the name of the Prophet when I was without any cloth on my body. Then they would start beating me with more intensity. Once Qamar Alam dressed in kameez and shalwar gave instructions to Inspector Durrani that he was was going to offer evening prayer and he would like that during his prayer he hears my cries of pain. As long as he did not return, I was undergoing torture and Qamar Alam was enjoying his prayer with my painful cries. This was the time I began to bring to my mind that those who had made the progeny of Muhammad go thirsty before killing them in Kerbala also had the names like those of Musalmans.
Once Qamar Alam asked me whether I knew the meaning of sadist. Yes I said it means a tormentor who enjoys tormenting others. He said that he was a sadist and unless he saw this drama once or twice a day, he would not feel at rest. At anther time Qamar Alam asked me to look out of the window in upper storey. I looked out and saw Mir Manan, absolutely nude, with a garland of Peshwari chapals round his neck, hands tied up and a waoden rod tied to his neck and made to run in scorching heat. More than fifty persons stood around him who were clapping their hands as Mir Manan was going through the ordeal. I gave a loud cry when I saw this and closed my eyes. Qamar Alam gave a loud laugh. I told Qamar Alam that if a person like Mir Manan, who is a fan of Allama Iqbal and rabid upholder of the Pan-Islamic philosophy of Jamalu’d-Din Afghani is a spy then who is there in the world whom one can calla patriot. I was submitted to physical assault on this remark.1511151_608808489251623_2166222226083265867_n
One day Maqbul Bhat was brought to the torture cell. Pointing to a plethora of papers lying in front of Qamar Alam, he was asked if this statement was written by him? Bhat Sahib said yes that was his statement and with that he was sent back to his room. Then Qamar Alam read one sentence from the statement attributed to Maqbul Bhat. “Once I was called to the room of the jail Superintendent where some more policemen and officers were present. I was told that if I wanted to survive, then go to Pakistan and perform our task. Our men namely Lone, Manan and Qayum and Aman are there. “ (This was attributed to Maqbul Bhat with reference to Srinagar jail). I was convinced that our interrogators were trying to prove impress upon us individually that we were the spies of the Indian government. If Maqbul Bhat had talked this with anybody in Srinagar jail, he would have surely talked to someone among us about it. Neither I was a spy nor had Maqbul Bhat made any mention of this happening, therefore I understood the lie that the police was concocting.”
Lone Sahib had shed great light on many aspects of Kashmir politics in his statement. He had also stated that Pakistani jailors were invariably abusing Kashmiri leaders. Others among us also gave details of atrocities and tortures they suffered in jails for refusing to give false and baseless statements. This was stated by Lone Sahib as this: “During interrogation, I said that they (interrogators) may enquire from K.H. Khurshid and Sardar Qayum how I had tried to unite Kashmiri freedom fighting groups to working towards the freedom of Kashmir. At this they (interrogators) said very nasty bad name to K.H. Khurshid and added that all Kashmiris were traitors and all of them would be taken to task at proper time. When I told them about my meetings with Z. A Bhutto, they again used filthy words and said that they knew he was responsible for burning the airplane.’ (Note: G.M. Lone was 53 years old at that time. His torture at this age reflects the burning desire within the breast of Kashmiris to become free after remaining slaves for five long centuries). Lone Sahib was a rich man yet he made immortal sacrifices for the freedom of Kashmir. While writing his story, my eyes go wet and every breath of mine salutes his soul. Those who want to read the full story about these freedom fighters and their struggle are advised to read a book in Urdu titled Diwanon peh kya guzri authored by Muhammad Saeed As’ad of Mirpur, AK published by National Institute of Kashmir Studies, Mirpur in 2012. It can be procured in Srinagar also. If I record the statements of all of the accused persons, it will fill more than 200 pages.